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Development culture

“Each label upgrade starts with a dialogue with the customer, to fully understand their goal. We continue by listening to the reclaimers. Our main question is always: what is the optimum label solution for that customer, what is going to be the most sustainable solution?” explains Craig Bushman, VP Global R&D at MCC Label. 

Pressure Sensitive label sustainability solutions: RecycLABEL®

Multi-Color has been operating for several years in the beverage market with recycling compatible, pressure sensitive labels for PET containers. Bushman explains: “It has been a very high priority for us. In addition, we have observed that brand owners are also interested in sustainability solutions. We support them by supplying label materials that are fully compatible with recycling.” 

We continue to innovate, to develop sustainable solutions across all packaging categories. We have made it a priority and a focus for our development team to work on the next generation materials for each category.

Craig Bushman, Vice President Global Research & Development at MCC

Recycling compatibility for shrink-sleeves: RecycLABEL® Shrink

“Multi-Color has been highly committed to delivering sustainable solutions that allow for improved recycling compatibility,” Bushman exclaims. “For several years we have been working with organizations including the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) to develop sustainability solutions for both shrink-sleeve and pressure sensitive labels. For shrink-sleeves there isn't a single 'silver bullet', 'one size fits all' solution, so MCC offers three recycLABEL® Shrink technologies. Each individual customer's requirements are evaluated and specifically addressed.”

Cut-and-stack paper labels

“In association with our suppliers we continue to co-develop cut-and-stack paper labels that have a higher amount of recyclable content, or which are easier to recycle,” reveals Bushman.

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MCC has always been a great partner in bringing us innovation to help us meet our needs whether it’s cost savings, holographic foil technology, and now sustainable label options.

Jennifer Beck, Brand Manager, Wellness Brands at P&G

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